Monday, May 1, 2017

Lands and sea

Buried deep 
Inside my bed 
With words drooling
On my head 

From faces 
I have grown 
Up with 
In places I have 
Grown and 

Those corners
And those 
Dusty rooms 
Dirty plates 
And broken 

Hide somewhere
In my town 
In memories
Somewhere down 

Down the line
In Time
My time 
Glories lived 
And I would shine 

Won alone 
Won it all 
None around 
To clap or call 

I smiled at 
My conquered lands
Well constructed 
Built with hands 

And then 
I had 
To stop and leave 
My conquered lands 
My giant seas 

Back to where
My school books were 
Reading stories
They believed 

Believed to let 
Me code the world 
In sentences 
Made of words 

The conquered 
Giant seas
Washed away 
With reality 

That they believed 
Would give birth 
To those seas 

To seas 
To those lands 
And to the singers 
Of the bands 

That sang
Songs of freedom
That sang songs 
Of hope 
To let out their treason 
And wash it
With my soap 

Clean it 
Clean it 
Wipe it clean 
Wipe it till 
You're eighteen 

And then 
In the 'real world'
Do what they've 
Done above 

Follow follow 
Kill your lands 
Kill those seas 
With your hands 

Choke them 
Till they fuckin 
For if you don't
Then they will try 

Kill them 
Cut them 
Chop them up 
"If you don't 
Then you will cry" 

You will cry 
And you will loose 
And if you try 
Then you will choose 

Choose your 
Loose your sight
Try walking
And you just might 

You might just 
Reach those 
Lands and sea
Standing tall 
On your feet 

Hold that story
Hold your ground
Look straight
Don't turn around 

You will 
Walk and 
You will see
That's always been
Your realty

Buried deep 
Inside my bed 
I start living 
My dreams instead. 


Half the world
Across from here 
She sat looking
At everything clear 

With sunlight 
Lighting up 
Her smile 
She turned around
So she could 

Feel the sunlight 
On her back 
Sunrays sinks
To slowly hack 

Hack her 
Hack her mind 
Hack her 
Glass of wine 

Her eyes 
Roll up 
In the loving warmth
Her neck looks like 
A silent storm 

I reach in now 
To breathe her in 
I caress her chest 
And rub her skin 

Her nipples Stand 
Up to see 
What they can touch 
What they can feel 

Her smile begins 
To invite me in 
My mind and soul 
As well my skin 

Our skins greet
With a wholesome 
Our lips open 
Her sit above 

My chin 
Above my heart 
Above my stomach 
And then I grin 

I lay behind
I stay behind 
I bite and lick 
And kiss 
Behind her 
I put my hands
On her thighs 
She pulls me 
And then sighs 
My fingertips
Part her thighs 
Louder breaths 
Louder sighs 
Her back 
Curls in an arc 
Her body 
Like a piece of art 
Her fragrance 
Born from satisfaction 
Her soft breasts 
Above her heart 

Holds me 
Molds me 
Gently folds me 
Her tongue 
From the start 
Dives in my 
Mouth now 
Strives in my 
Mouth now 
Alive in my 
Mouth now 
Takes a walk 

Like a beautiful 
Girl walking in the rain 
Happy despite 
All her pains. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


At the end 
Of the day 
When things 
Seem dull 
Like molten lava 
Chocolate cake 
Oozing from
Your skull 

Just hope
There's More
Of that 
THC left 
And hope that
Your parents 
Were tired 
And slept 

Then you 
Lay your
Troubles down 
And whatever 
Makes You frown 
Hold you happy
And wear them
Like a crown

Wear them
Till you slide
Into your own
You begin
To start swimming
And then begin
To glide

Glide over
Their snowcapped
Where apparently
All sadhus
Have found
What you seek

Fly over rivers
And fly over seas
Fly within the flowers
And then through
The bees

Float like the clouds
Let winds
Take their turns
Let them
Change direction
And have
Their fun

Let droplets
Of water
In your head

Do they discuss
Or have a
Small talk
Instead ?

Let love
Loosen up
And crack
It's bones

The real love
That happens
Your phones

Let love out
And let love be
Let love live
Let love seek

Rest your palms
On your eyes
Rest your vision
On a dice

Roll it once
Roll it twice
While you smoke some mango
And some red ice

Hold that drag
Release your soul
Let it out
Onto the floor

Let it dance
Let it sing
Let it laugh
And then you bring -

All that is sour
And all that is sweet
All that's delicious
Different kind of meats

Everything in front
Everything is dead
Everything once lived
For you to be fed

Make sure
You finished
Every little​ bit
And now
Somewhere quiet
Freely sit

Free like the
Growing on the trees
Free like dogs
On your streets
Free like the moon
Dancing with the earth
Free like the day-light
Warming up
Your shirt

Breathe in hopes
Breathe out fear
They legalized it
In the US


They'll do it


Monday, April 10, 2017

Aura & Fauna

Building shields 
In our fields 
Made of power 
That yields 

Every moment 
Of our lives 
Every image 
Of our dreams 

Every step
That goes 
Through time 
Inside outside 
All combined 

Walking through 
Emotional mines 
Some are yours 
Some are mine 

Watch your step 
Or just tip-toe 
Hold your breath 
Out it goes 
Don't count 
Your candles though 

Watch your breath 
Watch your heart 
Before it snaps 
Or rips apart 

Loosen your feelings 
Let them start 
To take control
And create art 

On papers and 
On city walls 
In nature 
And in pretty halls 
In chaos 
And in silence 
And music 
With your 

And in bed 
With your lover's 
Don't focus 
When you throw
The dart 

Focus when 
You throw away
Your lesser self's 
Own array 

Don't let this turn 
Into affray 
Into affray 
Into affray